2stabilise – ROV Installation

We created a couple of animation videoes for 2Stabilise, a company which resides in Bergen.

They produce ROV stabilizers that are used on oil platforms out in the North Sea.

Cre8 – Film of a Wellhead Control Panel

We made a movie for CRE8 about their offshore containers (also known as Wellhead Control Panels) and the other modules belonging to these containers.

This was something that had to be done with a small timeframe when it was to be shipped offshore to the Johan Sverdrup field to statoil.

So this was done over two days of filming, using a slider and a nikon d750.

Jæren Wind Farm

We made animations of some wind turbines, where we did a lot of research at the jæren wind farm.

Then we designed and created these wind turbines and animated them.

Website project for CRE8

CRE8 asked us to redesign and set up a new website for them.

They wanted to get this very "customizable" instead of a traditional locked design.

So this required us to set up a so-called "page builder" that allows you to drag and drop modules and place things the way you want and easily change your design and content as desired with minimal to no coding required.

We ended up using something called Beaver Builder to get what the customer wanted.

Have also had to do search engine optimization (SEO) for their website so that the keywords such as the Wellhead control panel, workover control system, etc. are something that ends up high in the "organic" search results.

You can visit their website at www.cre8-systems.com

Stand Animation

Made an animation of a visualization of a stand using Autodesk Inventor and 3D's Max.

The stand is fictional, but models and such were made with accurate goals, after reference from various real fair stands.

The animation had to be short and therefor only last a few seconds.

V10 Motor

A V10 engine is a motor with ten V-shaped cylinders.

Made in Autodesk Inventor.


This model of a drawworks is made in 3D Studio Max by using a reference image.

The function of a drawworks is to be the primary lifting machine component of a rotary drill rig.

Graphic design – Roll-ups for Sola History team

What we did:

Sola Historieag needed to make some roll-ups to get a visual way of telling about the story of Sola and special places and events such as:

The stone monuments in Sola, there are over 60 raised stone monuments all around Western Norway, both anglic and celtic stone monuments.
Sola ruin church, the history of the legendary ruin church of the Middle Ages, which was bombed during World War II and later resurrected.
Doom stones, a mysterious ring of stones discovered and rebuilt by Sola History Team in 2008.
Rægehaugen, a rich princess's grave tomb from the bronze age
Runestones in Helland, two original runestones that are still standing
The resting stonees, the memorials placed above a line in honor of Erling Skjalgsson's death.
The battle in Hafrsfjord, one of the most epic battles in Norway where Harald Hairfaire gathered Norway into one kingdom.

They also needed to have roll-ups to celebrate 100 years of voting for Women in Norway, where they have stories about important women who got things done:

Dorthea Rabbe, a significant female figure
Bertha Sømme, one of the driving forces in community life in the Middle War
Anna Hjelmesæth, founded the Sola Sanitetsforening

How we did it:

The content and the pictures were important to get in a good, but and a little exciting way, so the "background colors" were a bit different. The roll-ups that concerned Sola's story got a kind of "papyrus" / old paper, while those for women's voting rights had a more calm background style and a little more "female" feel about it.

Some of the pictures were of poor quality, especially those about the women when more of the photos were 100 years old, so scanning and image optimization was an important part of making it look great on print.

What did the customer say:
The customer, Sola Historielag, was pleased with the result and they are still using them at different fairs and they are exhibited at Sola Culture house at all times.

Sign for the memory of Erling Skjalggson

Was given the task of designing a sign in memory of Erling Skjalgsson and his funeral trip from Jåsund to Sola,

There were monuments that were set up during funeral trip when they rested put down the coffin of Erling Skjalgsson, all these monuments were set up in a very straight line.

You can read more about the story on the pictures.

This sign was set up near the Sola School in the occasion of their 100 year mark.

Sign for Stavanger Rotary Club

Was given the task of creating a sign for Stavanger Rotary Club, which is part of a worldwide organization that engages in charitable actions around the world,

In this case, there was a project for a school for the poor people in Antsirabe in Madagascar, which was a project led by the stavanger rotary club.